What is an intensive therapy session?

Intensive therapy sessions, also called marathon sessions, can be beneficial to couples or individuals who are dealing with an event such as a traumatic experience, infidelity, or when the goal for therapy is clearly defined.  Intensive therapy is concentrated and focussed and can help you get directly to the issue you want to work on.  Reach out to me to inquire about intensive therapy for your presenting concern, so we can discuss if it is a good match for you.  

Sometimes day to day stressors can get in the way of being able to focus in individual therapy on the event that is causing you stress.  For example, a couple may want to deal with infidelity, but find themselves spending time in their session coping with tidiness or finances.

In addition to the usual couple therapy sessions, I believe that intensive therapy sessions can benefit individuals or couples dealing with trauma, infidelity or with other well-defined issues. The goal of intensive therapy is to get to the root cause of the issue you want to work on, and help you and your partner(s) find connection quickly. 

Contact me using this contact form for a free 15 minute session, so we can discover if intensives are right for you.