Couples Therapy: Our most important relationships can heal us.

Have you heard the phrase, you can’t love others until you love yourself?  I believe that you can love others and yourself no matter who you are or where you are along your healing journey.  As you explore what is holding you back from thriving, and how you can be more loving towards yourself, you can also learn skills to increase your love and acceptance of others.

Human beings are inherently social creatures and heal by strengthening their relationship with themselves and others.  Our most important relationships provide a valuable arena for us to explore our healing.  The parts of us that need the most healing show up in others reflecting to us what to work with.  

Here are three key points we will explore in our couples sessions:

  • We subconsciously pick our partners for the purpose of healing our early attachment wounds.
  • Connectedness with our partners provides the safety and security that allows us to explore our whole selves.
  • When safety and security is lost, therapy can provide a clear path to reconnect and heal.

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